RC416 - LNER Dia 120 4w BY Pigeon Brake Van Kit

This kit is designed to make a model of the 00 LNER Dia 120 4w Bake Van (BY Pigeon Van. A useful drawing and photograph appears in Nick Camplingës Historic Coach drawings Vol 3. These vans were introduced between 1928 and 1930 a total of 58 originally numbered 6801-51and
767-72. After 1946 they were renumbered 70194 to 70250. Later diagrams of a similar van were built on re-used underframes and have dimensional differences.


At the time of original manufacture one was preserved on the North Norfolk Railway which is turned out in magnificent teak paneling. We are very grateful to one of their volunteers, Owen Bushell who photographed the van for us.


The kit requires 14mm wheels on 26mm axles, Bearings, Couplers, Glazing, Vac pipes, paint & decals to finish.

£16 each plus P&P

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